Portneuf Health Trust, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that owns Portneuf Medical Center in a joint venture with Ardent Health Services.

Portneuf Health Trust utilizes its resources to drive major initiatives in Bannock County and the wider region to improve the health profile of the communities served by Portneuf Medical Center.

The staff at Portneuf Health Trust follows a disciplined methodology in its decisions regarding investment and project implementation:

  • Examine data and input from organizations in the region to identify critical needs and gaps in the community’s health.
  • Identify opportunities to address those needs and gaps, and best practices.
  • Choose critical community partners and engage with them on a collaborative basis to address the need.
  • Form a plan and execute with community partners to effect fundamental changes in the region’s health.

One of the Health Trust’s primary obligations is ownership in Portneuf Medical Center and stewardship of that asset.